Press Quotes:

"Sol is an exceptional guitarist & a great musician/songwriter who constantly reinvents himself with an extraordinary ability to fit the perfect approach and composition.” - Fred Cannon, a Senior Vice President at BMI

"A fierce guitarist and soulful singer..." Woodsy - JamBase

"Sol is an impressive guitar player! Sol has an assured, confident voice that matches well with the bravado of his guitar playing.... displays the social consciousness that is at the heart of much roots music” - J. Evan Wade - Home Grown Music Network

"Sol joyously toys with the guitar with a level of ingenious exuberance."
Ron Goad - Most Supportive of Washington Music WAMMIE 2007-2009

Sol lays down a heavy groove! Sol fluently tears out rock, blues, reggae, and jazz, delivered with deep soul.” - Tim Duffy, President- Music Maker

"Sol puts soul into his guitar...everytime! ... a screaming blues-funk sound and a tight rhythm section- you can't help but to move your feet!"- Kris Hodges- Floydfest founder/organizer

Sol and his band have been creeping up on the music scene- far and wide-like a ring in the bathtub- down and just can't wipe it away. These guys play music like they are giving you, yes YOU, a huge loving hug. It is personal and you can feel it. Are you ready to feel it? ” -Carleton- Plaisted Press

If Blues is Blood then Sol bleeds Mississippi Delta water when cut!”-J.Wilson Roanoke Times

Ancient truths of the blues arrive in some new place, through some new voice, through some kid who is Sol”- Peter Cooper, Nashville TN

Very professional musicians. Sol consistently lays down seriously funky stuff and attracts a nice crowd everytime... a can't miss good investment.”- J. Martin, Club Owner

"Sol pulls together funk, soul, blues and reggae elements... Sol uses his right hand fingers, not a pick, to get his bluesy, dirty-sweet solo lines... You have to admire a blues/soul singer who is trying to sound like himself, instead of some old blues guy." - Tad Dickens Roanoke Times

One young artist who is crossing that bridge [music of the youth vs. older traditional music] is Sol”- Karen Olson, Utne Reader

When you hear Sol is around, go get a listen, it'll make your feet move and fill your spirit with joy”- Advance Tribune

Sol's instrumentals, vocals and mere stage presence, turn even the most conservative spectator into a human bobble-head..there's not a still foot in the house”- M.Knipp, CityPaper

Sol is an amazing musician and songwriter- the real thing! It doesn't get much better than this....” Jean Bayou, President- Songwriters Association of Washington DC

"Freedom is one of the top 15 albums for 2008!" - Mister G, Funk Soul Director, Green Arrow Radio

....the shape of blues to come...”- David Whiteis, Living Blues Magazine

Fans Comments

"Your Gibson after-party jam was phenominal, a truly memorable performance. Thank You."

"Kudos for a great set! I can't recall ever seeing that kind of playing, been around a bunch of guitar players over a 19 year stint on the road, and know some great shredders. You caught my ear during warmup, and it just got better as the hour went on..couldn't believe what I was seeing around 10:30...keep it up brother, you fellas are the real deal."

"You guys totally rock!! Thanks, come back soon!!"

"The band is tight! I love your songs, deep tunes, and you keep da booties moving!"

"I love your album. Jake's mom was my nurse when I was in the hospital and she let me listen to it. It definitely make me feel better!"

"Thanks for giving it a FUNKY BEAT DOWN! I wasn't ready for what you guys did that night. Hell, none of us were. Great selection. My highest regards. Bravo, my man. Bravo."

"Funkalicious Groovalaya Blue';awlins Sol and Hip Flydeco. wadelzkanahsay? Reggaeletta EttoufunK wit a kapital K, n sweet hominy"

"Great Groove! Solid Performance"

"Awesome! Keep the great music coming!"

"Incredibly talented musicians. I've seen and heard Sol in a variety of venues. Sol and his music always connect with the audience. Sol's recordings are terrific and I'm constantly impressed by him. Simply put - Sol rocks!"

"Wooow...awesome powerful beautiful music!"

"That was an excellent show fellas! Looking forward more in the future. Till then, Cheers!"

"You guys really rocked last night! Loved the keys"

"You guys were really awesome! I hope you come back to Raleigh soon!  : )  "

"...thanks for the great music & sweet vibe....u guys r awesome..."

"Also met Sol finally on my birthday last week. That was the best blues I had seen in quite a long time. And its from a younger white guy. I was thoroughly impressed. The dude f**kin rocked."




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